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Poketoad and Friends is my main comic series, here is the Title Card -

My other comic series:… Realistic Poketoad… Outside the Lines… My Little Pony Friendship is Probably Crap… Crappy Video Game Character Jokes


Art I Love! My favorites! I love art of all kinds!


by Smushey

Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! Ball bag face! ...

Earthbound gif by Shurikenz5

It does not suck, the shere amount of non suckatood is mindblowingly non sucky! The way they just walk is astouding! Except for Ninten,...


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I enjoy anything that has to do with Art, Kevin Bolk, NAveryW, YouTube Poop, and Stuff!

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Tristen Robert DuBey
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm Hia, owner/founder the Company Hiamecola Corparation, and I am one of the 2 main creators of the Online show, Life 4 Hiamecola, it's manga, and all the spin-off series. I'm a Artist... thats it! The Pictures below will explain more...

:iconpaint-plz: Video Games and Art are my most Favorite things!
My plz accounts :iconhiaplz::iconmecolaplz::iconoreldoplz::iconjingthebanditkingplz::iconcromartiefreddie::iconmusicaplz::iconaladdiniconfreeplz::iconjojosbizarreplz::iconbiggplz::iconangelbeatsplz::iconzvezdaplz::icongeneralpepelplz::iconriorainbowgateplz:
:icondeviantartplz: My favorite website is DeviantArt!
:iconhiamecola: Hiamecola is my Twin!!
:iconaxeluszmorpher89: AxelusZMorpher89 is my BFF!!
:iconbennybunnysdongisbig: BennyBunnysDongisBig is also my BFF!!
:iconmrg-oku: MrG-oku is also my BFF!!
:iconkingdomsupersaiyn32: KingdomSuperSaiyn32 is also my BFF!!
:iconhax0rvash: Hax0rvash is also my BFF!!
:icon02boots: 02boots is also my BFF!!
:iconxeternalflamebryx: xEternalflamebryx is also my BFF!!
:icondarklinknrone: Darklinknrone is also my BFF!!
:iconchubskey: Chubskey is also my BFF!!
:icontriforceofcool: TriforceofCool is also my BFF!!
:iconchinese-cutes: Chinese-Cutes is also my BFF!!
:iconroblosamusreturns: RobloSamusReturns is also my BFF!!
:iconcaptainayon: CaptainAyon is also my BFF!!
:iconzachman23: Zachman23 is also my BFF!!
:iconpon-ea: Pon-Ea is also my BFF!!
:iconregularjackoff32: Regularjackoff32 is also my BFF!!
:icontrueform: Trueform is also my BFF!!
:iconparumu: Parumu is also my BFF!!

:iconconycookies: Cony... she's.... Cony.

:iconkevinbolk: KevinBolk is my Idol!
:iconhamsamwich: xxSamluvsgreendayxx is also my Idol!
:iconsilentreaper: SilentReaper is also my Idol!

:iconhermanthepuppet: HermanThePuppet is my Puppet!

:iconyou-tubeplz:… Me and my Twin's Youtube Channel!
:iconnewgroundsplz: My Newgrounds portal
:iconmyspace-plz: My dusty old Myspace
:iconfacebook: My Facebook
:icontwitterplz: My Twitter
:icondeviantartplz: My DeviantArt (that are on right now)
:icontumblrplz: My Tumblr
:iconstumbleuponplz:… My Stumbleupon
:iconredditplz:… My Reddit
:iconflickrplz:… My Flickr
:icongoogleplusplz:… My crappy Google+
:iconvalvesteamplz: My Steam
:iconinstagramplz:… My Shitty Instagram

:iconpokemonplz: I love Pokemon!
:iconharunosasuke: I love Naruto!
:iconnwluffyplz: I love One Piece!
:iconichigoplz: I love Bleach!
:icondragonballzplz: I love Dragon Ball Z!
:iconnatsusmileplz: I love Fairy Tale!
:iconfullmetalalchemist: I love Full Metal Alchemist!
:iconinuyashahanyouplz: I love InuYasha!
:iconkiralaughplz: I love Deathnote!
:iconsouleaterplz: I love Soul Eater!
:iconyusukeurameshiplz: I love YuYu Hakasho!
:iconjojosbizarreplz: I love JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
:iconblueexorcistplz: I love Ao No Exorcist!
:iconblackbutlerplz: I love Black Butler!
:iconhunterxhunter: I love Hunter X Hunter!
:iconspikespiegelplz: I love Cowboy Bebop!
:iconnyuplznyu: I love Elfen Lied!
:iconboboboplz: I love Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
:iconspacedandyplz: I love Space Dandy!
:iconyokoohfuckplz: I love Gurren Laggan!
:iconryuukoplz: I love Kill La Kill!
:iconalucardhellsingplz: I love Hellsing!
:iconkenshinplz: I love Rurouni Kenshin!
:icontorikoplz: I love Toriko!
:icondoraemonlolzplz: I love Doraemon!
:iconflcl: I love Fooly Cooly!
:icontrigun-maximum: I love Trigun!
:iconamericagetdownplz: I love Hetalia!
:iconjustdoitplz: I love Gintama!
:iconreviplz: I love Attack on Titan!
:iconkiritosmileplz: I love Sword Art Online!
:icontsunaplz: I love Reborn!!
:iconstockingmadlaughplz: I love Panty and Stocking!
:iconmirai-nikki: I love Future Diary!
:iconaladdiniconfreeplz: I love Magi the Labyrinth of Magic!
:iconlelouchohnoesplz: I love Code Geass!
:iconkanamekuranplz: I love Vampire Knights!
:iconginkoplz: I love Mushi-Shi!
:iconsailormoonplz: I love Sailor Moon!
:iconngecongratulations: I love Neon Genesis Evangelion!
:iconaraleplz: I love Dr. Slump!
:iconshinchanplz: I love Crayon Shin-chan!
:iconuekiplz: I love Law of Ueki!
:iconplueplz: I love Rave Master!
:iconranmaplz: I love Ranma 1/2
:iconthiscantberight: I love Cromarti High School!
:iconmasaomiplz: I love Durarara!
:iconslam-dunk: I love Slam Dunk!
:iconaangwtfplz: I love Avatar the Last Airbender!
:iconyamiyugi--plz: I love Yu-Gi-Oh!
:iconjingthebanditkingplz: I love Jing the Bandit King!
:iconmoominplz: I love The Tales of Moominvalley!
:iconzatchbellplz: I love Zatch Bell!
:icongoodjob-plz: I love Lucky Star!
:iconkeroroplz: I love Sgt. Frog!
:iconconanobjectionplz: I love Case Closed (Detective Conan)!
:iconlupinthethirdplz: I love Lupin III!
:iconkenshiroplz: I love Fist of the North Star!
:iconangelbeatsplz: I love Angel Beats!
:iconzvezdaplz: I love World Conquest Zvezda Plot!
:iconhamtaroplz23: I love Hamtaro!
:iconpockycrusader: I love Pumpkin Scissors!
:icondizzytohruplz: I love Fruit Basket!
:iconouranplz: I love Ouran High School Club!
:icontokyomewmewplz: I love Tokyo Mew Mew!
:iconazusashockedplz: I love K-On!!
:iconriorainbowgateplz: I love Rio: Rainbow Gate!!
:icon: I love Save Me! Lollipop!
:iconpokeball-plz::iconcyndaquilplz: My favorite Pokemon, Cyndaquil!
:icongaaraplz: My favorite Naruto character, Gaara!
:iconnwusoppplz: My favorite One Piece character, Usopp!
:iconrenjiplz: My favorite Bleach character, Renji!
:iconbuuplz: My favorite DBZ character, Buu!
:icon: My favorite Fairy Tail character, !
:icon: My favorite Fullmetal Alchemist character, !
:iconmirokuplz: My favorite InuYasha character, Miroku!
:icondnl-plz: My favorite Deathnote character, L!
:iconchronaplz: My favorite Soul Eater character, Chrona!
:iconhieiplz: My favorite YuYu Hakasho character, Hiei!
:iconjoseph9plz: My favorite JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character, Joseph Joestar!
:icon: My favorite Ao No Exorcist character, !
:icon: My favorite Black Butler character, !
:icon: My favorite Hunter X Hunter character, !
:iconmenalunstableotaku: My favorite Cowboy Bebop character, Edward!
:icon: My favorite Elven Lied character, !
:iconquestforsanity: My favorite Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo character, Don Patch!
:icon: My favorite Space Dandy character, !
:icon: My favorite Kill La Kill Character, !
:icon: My favorite Hellsing character, !
:icon: My favorite Rurouni Kenshin character, !
:icon: My favorite Toriko character, !
:iconbiggplz: My favorite Doraemon character, Gian!
:icon: My favorite Fooly Cooly character, !
:icon: My favorite Trigun character, !
:iconamericapopipoplz: My favorite Hetalia character, America!
:iconlevistopitplz: My favorite Attack on Titan character, Levi!
:icon: My favorite Sword Art Online character, !
:icon: My favorite Reborn! character, !
:icon: My favorite Panty and Stocking character, !
:icon: My favorite Future Diary character, !
:icon: My favorite Magi the Labyrinth of Magic character, !
:icon: My favorite Code Geass character, !
:icon: My favorite Vampire Knights character, !
:icon: My favorite Mushi-Shi character, !
:iconsailorjupiterplz: My favorite Sailor Moon character, Sailor Jupiter; Makoto Kino/Lita Kino!
:icon: My favorite Dr. Slump character, !
:icon: My favorite Crayon Shin-chan character, !
:icon: My favorite Law of Ueki character, !
:iconmusicaplz: My favorite Rave Master character, Musica!
:icon: My favorite Law of Ranma 1/2 character, !
:iconcromartiefreddie: My favorite Cromarti High School character, Freddie!
:icon: My favorite Durarara character, !
:icon: My favorite Slam Dunk character, !
:icontophbeifongplz: My favorite Avatar charater, Toph!
:icon: My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh character, !
:iconygocardplz::icon: My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh monster, !
:icon: My favorite Jing the Bandit King character, !
:iconsnufkinplz: My favorite Moomin character, Snufkin!
:icon: My favorite Zatch Bell character, !
:iconmiyukiplz: My favorite Lucky Star character, Miyuki-chan!
:icon: My favorite Sgt. Frog character, !
:icon: My favorite Case Closed character, !
:icon: My favorite Lupin III character, !
:icon: My favorite Fist of the North Star character, !
:icon: My favorite Angel Beats character, !
:icongeneralpepelplz: My favorite World Conquest Zvezda Plot character, General Pepel!
:icon: My favorite Hamtaro character, !
:iconoreldoplz: My favorite Pumpkin Scissors character, Oreldo!
:icon: My favorite Fruit Basket character, !
:icon: My favorite Ouran High School Club character, !
:icon: My favorite Tokyo Mew Mew character, !
:icon: My favorite K-On! character, !
:icon: My favorite Rio: Rainbow Gate! character, !
:icon: My favorite Save Me! Lollipop character, !
:iconluigi-plz: I love Luigi's Mansion!
:iconfalconpunchplz: I love F-Zero!
:icondananana3dplz::icondananana3dplz::icondananana3dplz::icondananana3dplz: I love The Legend Of Zelda!
:iconkirbyishappy2plz: I love the Kirby series!
:iconpikminplz: I love Pikmin!
:iconmario-plz: I love the Super Mario series!
:iconsonicwhatplz: I love Sonic and the Black Knight!
:iconho-ohplz: I love Pokemon Gold!
:iconmarthplz: I love the Fire Emblem series!
:iconstarfoxplz: I love Star Fox 64 and Assault!
:icontomnookplz: I love Animal Crossing!
:iconbanjo-plz: I love Banjo-Kazooie!
:iconknucklesplz: I love Knuckles Chaotix!
:iconyouhavebeendoomedplz: I love Castlevania SotN!
:icononepieceplz: One Piece is my favorite Anime!
:iconfinnnoplz::iconjakenoplz: Adventure Time is my favorite Cartoon!
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:iconaychh: I love Dr. Pepper!

:icondisneyplz: I love Disney!

:iconhumpingstickplz::iconhumpingstick2plz: IDK it's funny!

:iconicameplz: This too!

:iconenterplz::icontaiplz::iconexitplz: I dislike Digimon!
:icondontstabmeplz::iconcrashbandicootplz::iconstabmeplz: I hate the Crash Bandicoot

:iconanimeboobsplz: I love Anime!

I would Gusta it if you clicked the links :iconmegustaplz: -…

Villager by mnrART

Rainbow Dash

Current Residence: Alaska
deviantWEAR sizing preference: X Large
Print preference: Art
Favourite genre of music: Punk
Favourite photographer: Shayde Eric DuBey
Favourite style of art: Anime Fan Art
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: i-Pod
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Blue
Skin of choice: You Racist Bastards!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Rainbow Dash
Personal Quote: Diabeetus!

Miss me?
Yeah after a huge mixup on Tumblr, I'm here to see my friends again

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